Previous Poets Archive

May 2024
Toti O’Brien

April 2024

John FitzGerald

March 2024

Ken Scott

February 2024

Steve Cohen and  Radomir Vojtech Luza

January 2024

Martin Jago

December 2023

Scott Miller

November 2023

Richard Modiano and  Hélène Cardona

October 2023

Carol V. Davis

September 2023

Deborah Stewart Chinn

August 2023

James Patrick Kelly

July 2023

Tom Laichas

June 2023

Bill Cushing

May 2023

Elyse Hart

April 2023

Alex M. Frankel (aka Alejo Rovira Goldner)

March 2023

Readings From Nine Poets Who’ve Left Us

February 2023

Christian Geo

January 2023

Radomir Vojtech Luza

December 2022

Clint Margrave

November 2022

Jason Jenn

October 2022

Traci Kato-Kiriyama

September 2022

Kristine Rae Anderson and Alex M. Frankel

August 2022

Alexis Rhone Fancher

July 2022

Linda J. Albertano

June 2022

Rolland Vasin (Vachine) and Don Kingfisher Campbell

May 2022

Christine Jordan

April 2022

Quincy Lehr

March 2022

Jerry Garcia

February 2022
Linda Singer and Beverly M. Collins

January 2022
Daniel Romo and Toti O’Brien

December 2021

Stephen Macomb / A.K.A. Steve Miller

November 2021

Poets from the Saturday Workshop on Skype

Poems 2021


Poems 2020

A Cosmic Hammer of Second Sunday Poetry
for the Non-Year 2020

March 2020
Cindy Rinne and Bory Thach

February 2020
Michael Moret

January 2020

Gail Gauldin Moore

December 2019

Brendan Constantine
The Launch of the Anthology: A Decade of Sundays

November 2019

Lucia Galloway and Elizabeth Iannaci

October 2019

Reading from
Grateful Conversations: A Poetry Anthology
Edited by Maja Trochimczyk and Kathi Stafford

September 2019

Jerry Garcia

August 2019

Mila Cuda

July 2019

Lynne Bronstein and Alexandra Umlas

June 2019

Judith Terzi and Karen Greenbaum-Maya

May 2019

Stephen Macomb

April 2019

Patricia Murphy and Myles Bullen

March 2019
Alice Pettway

February 2019

Bob Foster

January 2019

Radomir Luza and Beverly M. Collins

December 2018

Mary Fitzpatrick and Lois P. Jones

November 2018

October 2018

Rick Lupert

September 2018

Zen Zen, Choreographed by Valentina Oumansky (a video)

August 2018

Mila Cuda

July 2018

Alex M. Frankel, host of the Second Sunday Poetry Reading, reads some of his favorite poems by other poets.

June 2018

Eric Howard

May 2018
Robin Wyatt Dunn

April 2018

James Direct and Gail Gauldin Moore

March 2018

Remembering Frank Verges, 1936-2018

February 2018

Kevin  Hollingsworth

January 2018

L.A. Johnson

December 2017

Natalie Sierra
and Jude Hoffman

November 2017

Traci Kato-Kiriyama, Snehendu Kar and
Art by Erica A. Marshall

October 2017

Douglas Richardson

September 2017

Zen Zen - A Tone Poem to Ruth St. Denis
by Valentina Oumansky

August 2017

Mila Cuda and
Martina Reisz Newberry

July 2017
Gail Gauldin Moore

June 2017

Carol V. Davis

May 2017

Judith Terzi

April 2017

Radomir Luza

March 2017

Robin Wyatt Dunn

February 2017

Karen Greenbaum-Maya

January 2017

Alex M Frankel

December 2016

Jerry Garcia

November 2016

Charlie Zero

October 2016

Radomir Luza

September 2016

Lynne Bronstein

August 2016

James Maverick

July 2016

Bill Cushing and Chuck Corbisiero

June 2016

Alex M. Frankel

May 2016

Gail Gauldin Moore and Amelie Frank

April 2016

Jessica M. Wilson

March 2016

Radomir Vojtech Luza

February 2016

Anthony Lee

January 2016

Marsha de la O and Lucia Galloway

December 2015

A.J. Urquidi

November 2015

S.A. Griffin and Mary Trautmann 1920-2015

October 2015

Alex M. Frankel

September 2015

r.g. cantalupo and Short Dramatic Dance Video From the Archives of Valentina Oumansky

August 2015

Jack Bowman and Sherman Pearl

July 2015

Magical and Mundane: a Dance Where The Word Meets Itself
Narine Jallatyan, Alene Terzian,
Armine Iknadossian, Shahe Mankerian
Arpine Konyalian Grenier

June 2015

Alice Pero

May 2015

Judith Terzi

April 2015

Georgia Jones-Davis

March 2015

Gail Gauldin Moore

February 2015

Marjorie Becker

January 2015

J.R. Phillips and Ron Vierling

December 2014

Amelie Frank

November 2014

Malachi Black

October 2014

Joan Jobe Smith and Fred Voss

September 2014
Tresha Faye Haefner and Meg Day

August 2014

Bob Foster and Brenda Petrakos

July 2014

Fernando Castro

June 2014

Robert Krut and Cassandra Dallett

May 2014

Radomir Luza and Dramatic Dance Video by Valentina Oumansky

April 2014

Returning Soldiers Speak

March 2014

Kate Durbin and Alex M. Frankel

February 2014

Joan E. Bauer and Death and Transfiguration,a Dramatic Dance Video choreographed by Valentina Oumansky

January 2014

Mary Winfrey Trautmann and C. Steven Blue

December 2013
Alex M. Frankel and r. y. takagi

November 2013
Karen KevorkianLynne Thompson,Hugh Martin
and Katie Manning

October 2013
including Steve Miller, Gedda Ilves, Evan Gallas and Bob Kaven

September 2013
Lois P. Jones, Jeffrey Rochlin
and Stacy Gnall

Plus: A Video Presentation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

August 2013
Daniel Romo, Karen Greenbaum-Maya
and Martina Reisz Newberry

July 2013
Sharon Venezio, Georgia Jones-Davis
and Mary Winfrey Trautmann

June 2013
Nathan E. White and P.B. Rippey

May 2013
R.D. Armstrong (Raindog) and Poets From His Lummox Journal, Including Rick Smith, Lalo Kikiriki, Raundi K. and Moore Kondo

April 2013
Adolfo Guzman-Lopez and Jim Natal

March 2013
Rolland Vasin and Marsha de la O

February 2013
Diane Glancy, Jawanza Dumisani and Alex M. Frankel

January 2013
Zachary Locklin, G. Murray Thomas and Khadija Anderson

December 2012

Barbara Maloutas, Bruce Williams and Anthony Lee

November 2012

Angel Perales, Doug Knott and R.S. Carlson

October 2012
Gerard Sarnat, Mari Werner and Lauri Ramey

September 2012
Carolie Parker, Peggy Dobreer and Paul Lieber

August 2012
Lynne Thompson, Timothy Steele and Dina Hardy

July 2012
Kathabella Wilson and Mary Torregrossa

June 2012

Paul Knobloch, Steven Miller and Don Kingfisher Campbell

May 2012
J. R. Phillips and Khadija Anderson

April 2012

Tony Barnstone, Brenda Yates and Bob Foster

March 2012
Mary Trautmann, Judy Kronenfeld and Timothy Green

February 2012

Judith Pacht, Gail Gauldin Moore and Ronald Vierling

January 2012

Laurie Soriano, R.D. Armstrong (Raindog) and Radomir Luza and Sharon Rizk

December 2011


November 2011

Eloise Klein Healy, Thea Iberall and Gedda Ilves

October 2011

Lisa Cheby and Ric Gentry

September 2011

Ana Reyes, Alex M. Frankel and Jawanza Dumisani

August 2011

Lois P. Jones, Susan Rogers and Sherman Pearl

July 2011

Terry McCarty, Georgia Jones-Davis, Stephanos Papadopoulos and Billie Dee

June 2011

Paul Suntup and G. Murray Thomas

May 2011

Wanda Smith, Lucia Galloway and Hilda Weiss

April 2011

John Harris, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo and Florence Weinberger

March 2011

Brenda Yates and Marjorie Becker

February 2011

Radomir Luza, Leilani Squire and Scott Miller

January 2011

Trish Falin, Steve Cohen and Bruce Williams

December 2010

Will Alexander, Bob Foster and Rick Lupert

November 2010

Dorothy Barresi, Michael C. Ford, Ronald Vierling and Laura Copelin

October 2010

Rick Smith, R.D. Armstrong (Raindog) and R.S. Carlson

September 2010

Cecilia Woloche, Judith Terzi and Marie Lecrivain

August 2010

Annette Sugden, Jessica Goodheart and Alex M. Frankel

July 2010

Nita Donovan, Brenda Petrakos and Don Kingfisher Campbell

June 2010

Mani Suri and Fred Voss

May 2010

Dina Hardy, Neil Aitken and Steven Miller

April 2010

Barbara Maloutas, John Cross and Paul Lieber

March 2010
Charles Harper Webb, Joseph Karasek and Joan Bauer

February 2010
Tony Barnstone, Peggy Dobreer and Rafael Alvarado

January 2010

Jerry Garcia, Gedda Ilves and Elizabeth Iannaci

December 2009
Kathleen Tyler, Laurel Ann Bogen and Richard Beban

November 2009
Amelie Frank, Randy Isralow and Alice Pero

October 2009
Sherman Pearl, Marcia Cohee and Mariano Zaro

September 2009
Kate DurbinBrendan Constantine and Michael C. Ford

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