Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia is a poet, photographer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His poetry has been seen in various journals and anthologies including The Chiron Review, Askew, Lummox and Slipstream Magazine.  He has written two books of poetry, the full length collection On Summer Solstice Road (Green Tara Press 2016) and his chapbook Hitchhiking with the Guilty (GND Productions 2010.)  He is a past director of the Valley Contemporary Poets and former President of Beyond Baroque’s board of trustees in Venice California. He has been a producer, editor and post production supervisor of television commercials, documentaries and motion picture previews.  Jerry lives in Studio City, CA with his wife Becky and their poetic dog Japhy Ryder.   For more information visit

Journeys - poem by Jerry Garcia

 2016 Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia was a Featured Poet at the December 2016 Second Sunday Poetry Series