Ken Scott
Kenneth Irving Scott Jr. (Ken Scott) has always had a passion for spoken-word poetry. Since 1982, he has endeavored to capture that poetic fire in written words that would convey the burning, transformative essence of his ideas, whether political, social, romantic, erotic, philosophical, or deeply spiritual. In addition to obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, he has continued to perform spoken-word poetry from the mid-1990s to the present day, with several of his poetic works published in print and online.


My soul flickers
like one solitary flame
in the midst of vast darkness.
I am the singularity that watches the insanity of man
from afar, I am the outsider who knows the depths
of faraway places most will never see.
The world spins around me without reason,
like flocks in aimless flight,
like predators chasing their own tails,
 and it swirls like the smoke of forest fires
burning frustrated and out of control
rising with embers towards starless midnight skies.
And I dream in the stillness of me,
the center that remains at rest,
glowing with endless reflection, contemplation, meditation,
one singular candle
in the midst of this endless temple
filled with the billowing chants of
reality above reality. And the world spins around me
like breezes that never touch the center,
like roaring noises that cannot break
the silence.

 2024 Ken Scott
Ken Scott was a Featured Poet at the March 2024 Second Sunday Poetry Series