Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia is a poet, photographer, and filmmaker who lives in Studio City, California. His poetry has been seen in Spillway 28, Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond, The Chiron Review, Coiled Serpent Anthology, Voices from Leimert Park Redux, and Slipstream.  

He has three books of poetry, On Summer Solstice Road and the chapbook Hitchhiking With the Guilty.  Moon Tide Press published his latest book Trumpets in the Sky in January 2022. 

On the Night the Stars Collapse

As our world compresses into stone,
fires undulate her rim
like a red remnant of coal. 
I just want to feel you slide

over my body like a silk sheet
weighted with sugar and salt
splattered by tropical storms
warmed by spilling lava.

I just want to entwine our fingers,
knuckle to knuckle,
let our joints resolve
into one heavy piece of universe.

Jerry Garcia
from Trumpets in the Sky

 2022 Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia was a Featured Poet at the March 2022 Second Sunday Poetry Series