Charlie Zero
Charlie Zero the Poet is a surrealist, avant-garde, beat poet & editor. Born and raised in Boyle Heights, California, he’s quite a known figure in the L.A. poetry scene as well as having a unique style of experimentations that brings poetic strangeness & takes the listeners into his own universe.

In early of 2014, He self-published his very first chapbook of poetry titled: “Tampon Schizophrenics.” In early of 2015, He self-published his second chapbook of poetry
titled: “Disney World and the Conspiracy Shadows.”

Earlier this year 2016, Mr. Zero published his very first book of poems titled: “This Robot Dreams Inside A Plastic Soul”. Don Kingfisher Campbell served as a co-editor and Charlie Zero the Poet editor of the book.

He’s most active on the WordPress community. Where to find him:

Morricone Metal (The Orchestra Bees Conquered Cain)

Antenna vocals
poignant softly
through made hair-like bassoon.

Violins groaning –
said the filmography bees…

And featuring the fatigue fear –
And the Obsolescence chord –

Firstborn tarantula –
Operas its way to a bardic jar –
Metal morricone dollar.

 Declare post-synched versatile –
The brute trilogy sax –
Eclecticism gambles over disfavored biopic R’s.


The near loud penitents against thee…

Pollination viola –
let us toast glass to glass,
for the lizard radiation begs you such.

I’m multilingual who maws
that zozo hammer organ –
Ennio Cain audition for the 16th creep
5 nightmare autopsy lord.

 A horn god
is characterized as an e-flat –
A mule’s vengeance –
a baroque parcel syncopation.

Sara, Sara…be warn & conquer the need in all.

 2016 Charlie Zero
Charlie Zero was a Featured Poet at the November 2016 Second Sunday Poetry Series