Radomir Luza
Radomir has been confined to a nursing home for some time. The veteran LA poet will make an appearance on Zoom with some of his newer poems.

Sylvia Plath

You remind me of Sylvia Plath
All tattoos and nose bleed
No nonsense
Blue bubble gum
The nectar from your bosom
Drowns the lion’s head
And the tiger’s tail
For in the end
You are invisible
Like a metal mule
A white raven
The reason for
Reason’s fall
Into the ghost yard
Of guilt and gas
Bordering design’s disgust
With the blue beauty
Of your breath
The very children
You swear to believe in
Slaughtered at the shore
The dream you
Divide and multiply
After the feast
(Originally appeared in the Cultural Daily)

 2024 Radomir Luza
Radomir Luza was a Featured Poet at the April 2024 Second Sunday Poetry Series