James Patrick Kelly
James Patrick Kelly is a light-hearted poet undaunted by a heavy subject. After an idyllic childhood up in Mill Valley, California, he came out at Cornell in 1968 and ran away to the circus...the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. He is now retired from commerce, happily partnered and lives in Los Angeles with dogs and dear friends. His life is an open book, in other words IT COULD BE VERSE, whose ribald companion volume is titled BAWDY PARTS.


Finding yogurt going spotty
      Lack of paper in the patty
Stepping barefoot on a snail
      Breathalyzer test you fail
New deductions shrink your check
      Want a kiss but get a peck
Eat an apple, find it wormy
      On a flight by child squirmy
Losing money in the meter
      Playing poker with a cheater
Getting sick while on vacation
            Elect a fool to run our nation.

 2023 James Patrick Kelly
James Patrick Kelly was a Featured Poet at the August 2023 Second Sunday Poetry Series