Deborah Stewart Chinn
Deborah Stewart Chinn, a Louisiana native, migrated to Los Angeles after college in the 1980’s. She began writing poetry and short stories in her early twenties. Her first book:”Peraphania—A Modern Allegory” was written in direct response to the 2016 presidential election and published by Luminaire Press in 2021. Her second book: “Tender Verses” is a collection of poetry and short stories published in 2022.  Ms. Stewart-Chinn is currently editing an anthology of poetry titled:”…More Tender Verses” scheduled for release in October and contains more than three hundred original lyrical  poems. Her poem “ORCHESTRA” was recently recognized by the Mississippi Poetry Society in the annual national poetry contest in the category of music. Tulip Press Publishers selected her short story “Eleanor and Isak” as a semi-finalist contender in their Best Short Stories of 2023. Her website: is dedicated to her innate love of the lyrical poem. She recites and posts her poetry regularly on her YouTube channel:


Fill my glass with four leaf clovers
And honeysuckle vines;
Fear won’t force me undercover
Don’t overfill—this is not wine…

Let me sip slow and easy
I’m relaxed, it won’t take long;
The nectar’s taste is always pleasing
In just one heartbeat you’ll be gone…

Woes and worries fade to black
Magic potions rarely fail;
I drink but it won’t bring you back
We fought the beast but it prevailed…

Close my eyes and the room sways
Soon my favorite part begins;
I love how excess kills todays
But I cry remembering when…

I’m trapped in Liana twisting vines
Now terrified and struggling;
No one’s here to see me try
Some hearts break so abruptly…

 2023 Deborah Stewart Chinn
Deborah Stewart Chinn was a Featured Poet at the September 2023 Second Sunday Poetry Series