Steve Cohen
I always liked the way words fit together. I am a photographer and I am very visually oriented. I find that putting words together is an
exciting and fascinating experience. Poetry is written music and what you can do with words is wonderful. You can make people laugh and you can make people cry, you can make people love and you can make people hate and with the right combination of words you can even make people think. I love the absurd and the weird and sometimes the weird takes over with my writing. It takes only a thought or I hear something and an idea pops into my head, sometimes it is an experience I have had or something I have heard. Sometimes I write little pieces for a long time and after what can be a year or longer all the pieces suddenly fit together and a piece is born. I write occasionally and sometimes a piece will just pop up in my head and sometimes the pieces dont come together for a long time but the process of creating a piece can happen quickly and sometimes it takes a long time and I am always thinking of something and I write down my thoughts and refer to them when the mood strikes me. I really enjoy it when I read one of my strange pieces and people tell me that it was disgusting or irritating and I consider those comments to be confirmation that i have made someone think.

 2024 Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen was a Featured Poet at the February 2024 Second Sunday Poetry Series