Alex M Frankel: A New Approach to Writing Poems
In early 2019 Alex stumbled on a new way of writing poems called Puréed Poetry. He takes colorful passages from books in his library and puts them through the "blenders" of a word-shuffle tool and Google Translate. On July 14 he will describe in detail the method with the aid of a computer, a projector and a screen.  The method has produced poems such as this:

But If There Is No God, Then Must We Submit to Oriana Grand?

Alexander de Grote perished from a lack of Twitter fans
on the nineteen-hundredth night of his beauty.

Like most of us he lived for all kinds of likes
in the flamelight of his machines.
Alex was a diamond worker
in the very mouth of Rome.

He died at the feet of Invictissimus King H—
or a statue of Such in the town center.
A sect of astrologers spotted the corpse,
got a load of students to help.
“It’s a shame,” they said,
“but who the hell was he?”

A sullen crowd attended
in front of the College of Prosperity.
Ten men-to-be-ordained, passing by,
beheld an image they called “the true sunshine at night”
and took it as a sign for this old stumble world.

The sirens bloated, the polyglot crowd thinned out.
They clearly didn’t give a Bronx dollar.
A dog of some sort came to sit on the corpse
and, crying, formed a miniature oasis of respect.
Some said it knew the corpse.
Some said it was just crying for the sirens.

A few translations claim this story ended there.
Most others say that two blocks north
a parade of Oriana Grand fanatics
happened to come marching in boisterous tribute.
It was fifty-two million souls strong,
including heads of industry
and many other members of the Game.
No amount of soldiery could contain such a horde.
God was only Prime Minister
for the first eighty-five seconds of this Earth,
but Oriana—in kimono and heels, she sat in a sedan chair
held aloft by girls and men and the axis of life,
a moment nineteen thousand years in the making.
People held phones and chanted for Oriana
and it was beautiful for a long time.

© 2024 Alex M Frankel
Alex M Frankel was a Featured Poet at the July 2024 Second Sunday Poetry Series